Sunday, June 14, 2015

8 Weeks of Healthy Habits week 5 overview

8 Weeks of Healthy Habits!

Welcome to week 5 of our #8weeksofhealthyhabits.  Each week, I will post an overview of the upcoming week's goals with some helpful links and info. The purpose of this challenge is not to be stressful, preachy, or overbearing, just a fun way to incorporate some new ideas.  If you like something that we do, please feel free to incorporate it into your daily/weekly schedule and really make it a new habit. If you're looking to really up your game, try the #DaisyDukeStrong challenge at the bottom of this post.

The fun part about these challenges is the sharing.  See if you can post a thought or a selfie each day to the facebook page about what you're doing.  If you're an Instagram user, you can also post there, using the hashtags #PIG and #8weeksofhealthyhabits

Week 5:

Sunday: Take some time to reflect on your day & the last week. Write in a journal, or share to your blog.  Journaling on a regular basis can help you gain insight to your own humanity.

Monday: Try an AM yoga routine in the morning. A few sun salutations will get the blood flowing and your brain working better than coffee!

Tuesday: Have a monster salad for dinner. What is a monster salad? A salad as big as you can make it! Check out your local farmer's market & see what kinds of freah, local produce you can include! I'll post my recipe for my tempeh tahini salad on my blog.

Wednesday:  Work those arms! I know I frequently forget to work the rest of my body, so I installed a pull up bar above a door in my house. I do a few pull-ups when I pass through the doorway!

Thursday:  Add some fruits, herbs, or veggies to infuse your water. Try prepping this Wednesday night, and letting your water chill overnight. Yum.

Friday: Free Fitness! Post a selfie of you doing your favorite activity to the facebook page! Each Friday will be Free Fitness Friday. You get to choose the activity- just get up and do something and share it with the rest of us! If you post to Instagram, don't forget your hashtags, #PIG and #8weeksofhealthyhabits

Saturday: Meditate for 10 minutes. You can use one of the apps or programs I've previously mentioned, or just sit quietly for 10 minutes and allow yurself to be.

Daisy Duke Strong Challenge

Now, if you want that extra challenge, here's the week overview of #DaisyDukeStrong! I'll admit, I fell off the squat/crunch wagon last week... :( but I'm determined to get back today. 105 is a steep number to start with, so I'll break these up into smaller chunks.

Sunday: 105 crunches, 105 squats
Monday: 110 crunches, 110 squats, 5 sets of 10-15 push-ups each
Tuesday: 115 crunches, 115 squats
Wednesday: 5 sets of 10-15 push-ups each
Thursday: 115 crunches, 115 squats
Friday: 120 crunches, 120 squats, 5 sets of 10-15 push-ups each
Saturday: 125 crunches, 125 squats

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