Thursday, June 4, 2015

#8weeksofhealthyhabits week 3 overview

8 Weeks of Healthy Habits!

Welcome to week 3 of our #8weeksofhealthyhabits.  Each week, I will post an overview of the upcoming week's goals with some helpful links and info. The purpose of this challenge is not to be stressful, preachy, or overbearing, just a fun way to incorporate some new ideas.  If you like something that we do, please feel free to incorporate it into your daily/weekly schedule and really make it a new habit. If you're looking to really up your game, try the #DaisyDukeStrong challenge at the bottom of this post.

The fun part about these challenges is the sharing.  See if you can post a thought or a selfie each day to the facebook page about what you're doing.  If you're an Instagram user, you can also post there, using the hashtags #PIG and #8weeksofhealthyhabits 

Week 3:

Sunday: Take some time to reflect on your day & the last week. Write in a journal, or share to your blog.  Journaling on a regular basis can help you gain insight to your own humanity. You journal doesn't always need to be serious. Think about including little drawings, quotes that inspire you, or lists of goals!

Monday: See how long you can hold a plank! Planks really work the core, and build strength. 

Tuesday: Try a green smoothie for breakfast! I love smoothies! My favorite is kale/banana/vanilla almond milk, but lately I've also been enjoying mango/pineapple/mixed greens/hemp powder.

Wednesday: Walk or run for at least 2 miles. Even if you're walking, this should take you about 40 minutes. You have that time! Walking or running a dedicated 2 miles a day, 4-5 days a week can cause an overall improvement in your health!

Thursday: Try going without alcohol for the evening, kids, try to cut out sugarey sweets. C'mon, just try it. We all know you didn't follow through with the no electronics thing last week. This isn't so tough.

Friday: Free Fitness! Post a selfie of you doing your favorite activity to the facebook page! Each Friday will be Free Fitness Friday. You get to choose the activity- just get up and do something and share it with the rest of us! If you post to Instagram, don't forget your hashtags, #PIG and #8weeksofhealthyhabits

Saturday: Pay it forward. Have you tried this? It's fantastic. Every once in a while I'll pay for the person behind me in the coffee shop drive-through. And I frequently hand out food and clothes to homeless people in DC (Mia came home one day and said, "Mom, I think this homeless lady had the same sweater as me!") Do something nice for a random person. Or moose... check ou this moose family playing in the sprinkler a kind human turned on for them:

Daisy Duke Strong Challenge

Now, if you want that extra challenge, here's the week overview of #DaisyDukeStrong!

Sunday: 65 crunches, 65 squats
Monday: 5 sets of 6-9 push-ups each
Tuesday: 65 crunches, 65 squats
Wednesday: 70 crunches, 70 squats, 5 sets of 6-9 push-ups each
Thursday: 75 crunches, 75 squats
Friday: 80 crunches, 80 squats, 5 sets of 6-9 push-ups each
Saturday: rest

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