Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Plan April 6-12

Oh, Springtime, how I've missed you.

Thank you for coming back to me. I knew you would.

But I regret to tell you, I've put my body through some terrible things while you were away.  There was all this weather, you see, which just made me want to stay inside and eat warm things. Then there were so many things to celebrate, and that means more food!

Now that you're back, my friend, I know it will all be okay!

This week's meal eating, running, and reading plan are designed to cleanse my body, mind, and soul.

I'm going to start off my week with a lovely spicy vegetable dish, then follow over the next few days with some hearty salads. Then I'm going to end my week with a juice cleanse from Juice from the Raw. A periodic juice cleanse is designed to nourish your body and flush away toxins. During this cleanse, I'll be replacing my regular meals with raw, cold-pressed juices. I will possibly supplement my juice with an avocado each afternoon, on run days. I'm super excited about it! I'll also be posting a daily juice blog with my thoughts from the day each evening. Thanks to Sarah Kramer for the inspiration to do that!

I've been approved to resume running again at a short and slow interval pacing, so I've been using the Galloway method to get back into my training for the May Half in Jersey. I'm running 1:30, walking 1:00, and keeping between a 13-14 minute mile pace. I'll continue with that split for another week or so, then see if I can up the run time! This week, I'll shoot for a 9 mile long distance run.

I'm also going to take this next weekend for some serious ME time. Reading, dissertation writing, yoga practice, meditation. It will be lovely.

Anyway, Here's the plan...

Tea/Coffee & Fruit
Vega smoothie
Mac & veggie noodles (made with fondue from this weekend)
*pre-make green bean salad for Tuesday night dinner

Tea/Coffee & Fruit
Run 5
Mac & veggie noodles
Green Bean Salad

Tea/Coffee & Fruit
Green Bean Salad
Lemony Kale and Quiona Salad

Run 5
Juice day 1

Run 3
Juice day 2

Run 9
Juice day 3

Juice day 4

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