Friday, April 10, 2015

Juice cleanse Day 2

Juice cleanse Day 2

I woke up this morning a little before 8am, and although I was thirsty for some water, I wasn't hungry. Weird. Although it took me a while to get to sleep (the dogs were a little on edge, and barked at small noises for a while), I slept beautifully. This morning, my mood is good, energy level is good, headache was at a 3, but, after about 40 ounces of water, it has dialed back to a 2. I weighed myself before my shower, and was pleasantly surprised to see 152.6, a loss of almost 2 pounds. I didn't expect that, and am curious to see what happens with that!

Today, I am doing the "Believer" cleanse, which is 2 Detox Greens juices, one Spicy Lemonade, 2 Sweet Greens juices, and a Coconut fusion water. I have a ripe avocado to eat just in case I need something extra.

Some juice cleansers will tell you that it is best to do a cleanse during the normal work week, when you won't be tempted by weekend activity eating, and you follow a normal schedule. I decided to do mine on a weekend, because frequently I get so busy at work that I forget to eat until I am STARVING. I also thought, with my intentions for this cleanse, it would be better to do it when I could focus some time on me.

Don't fret, though. I have plenty to do to keep me busy. This morning, I drafted a list of everything I want to do this weekend. I reviewed that, as I started my first juice (Detox Greens) just after 10am.

I drank my second Detox Green juice during my meeting. It was not super exciting, and I got sleepy. I went home, and had the Spicy Lemonade. At 6pm, I feel a little hungry. It's probably in my head, and meal planning didn't make it easier! I checked off some items from my list.

This may be TMI, but I've had to pee all day! I had a moment on my walk where I was really close to peeing in the woods. I'm a little concerned about my long run tomorrow....

The "Believer" cleanse is certainly not as flavorly interesting as the "Whenever" cleanse. I am not sad about not drinking the Piney Apple Mint juice,  but as I drink the second Sweet Greens juice, I am missing the Beet juice.

I'm ending the evening now with the Coconut Fusion, and an episode of Criminal Minds on Netflix. Why do I watch these scary things before I sleep? Recap of the day: mood good, headache level this evening 1, energy level okay, lots of pee.

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