Sunday, April 12, 2015

Juice cleanse day 4

Juice cleanse day 4
Woke up naturally at 6:30am, and didn't feel tired. Usually I fuunction best on 8-9 hours of sleep,  but today I feel totally rested after about 7. That's interesting.  Today I plan on doing some yoga, taking the third dog to the Dogfest,  and then spending most of the day at the computer,  writing.  Although this will be my last active day,  it may be the most challenging,  because I'll have lots of down time to think about food.

Today's cleanse will be in the same order as the last two days:

Detox Greens x2, Spicy Lemonade, Sweet Greens x2, Coconut Fusion. I am in a great mood today, good energy, head feels okay, and my weight dropped again to 150.6. I'm sure this weight loss will go away after I start eating again tomorrow, but I'm fine with that since weight loss was not my cleanse intention. I'll be curious to track it over the next few days, though.

I sat down and reviewed my list. I made a pretty decent dent in the things I wanted to do. The biggies for me today will be to finish & file my taxes, and re-write my dissertation's Chapter 4. I'm not super excited about all the sitting I have in store today, so I may start with a walk.

After a walk with 2 of the pups, I finished my Detox Greens, finished filing my taxes, and worked for a bit on my dissertation. At 2:45, I came close to eating. It's not so much that I'm starving, I just want something to eat. Maybe it is time for an avocado. I drank the Spicy Lemonade first, and gave myself an hour to think about it. Maybe this is why most cleanses are 3 days. I read a blog of a woman who typically juice fasted for 21-28 days. She was going to next do 40 days. I'm astounded by this. Could that be healthy? I get a cleanse of up to a week, but anything longer than that seems a little crazy.

At 3:30, I ate the avocado. It was a mercy eating, really, those things are getting really ripe. It was delicious,  and had the biggest avocado pit I've seen in a while! Speaking of which, I've been trying to grow my own avocado plant with a pit, but it hasn't sprouted yet.  

After my slump mid-afternoon, I was ready to take on the rest of the day. With my Sweet Greens juices, I cleaned the carpet, unloaded the dishwasher (From Wednesday!) and worked on my paper.

I feel good. I'm excited about my Coconut Fusion water in a little bit. But tomorrow, I'm going to eat ALL the food.

Lessons learned from the cleanse:
  1. It's okay to eat the occasional avocado, or banana. I don't feel bad about that!
  2. I am capable of running 9.33 miles on very little, so when my brain tries to trick me into thinking I can't do something, I need to remind it that I can.
  3. Drinking water when I'm hungry is actually a great strategy. I should do it more often.
  4. All water and juice makes Steph have to pee.
  5. Also, if what you put into your body is green and juicy, what comes out will be... you can guess.
  6. Hungry is mostly in my brain. Not in my belly.
Monday morning: I slept the sleep of queens last night. I've noticed I didn't need as much sleep this weekend! Energy good, mood good, weight 150.8.

So, I lost almost 3 pounds, which leads me to believe that a juice cleanse isn't a good diet. But I do recommend it for cleansing/resting your gut. Also, it would be a good way to start a new healthy living lifestyle, to train your body to not mindlessly snack, to drink water, and to reduce unhealthy cravings. This morning, I thought I would want toast and PB and lots of bready stuff. Instead, I'm going to eat this lovely pineapple!

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