Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Plan April 13-19

Coming off a 4 day juice cleanse, I've got some light and fresh veggie-heavy meals planned this week. One great thing about the juice cleanse was that I dirtied no dishes over the last few days (save for the daily spoon I used to mix the dogs' food), and even though I LOVE to cook, it was kind of nice not having to do it for a few days.

This next week will be very busy wih work stuffs, so I'm not planning on cooking a few days. There will likely be restaurants involved. I'm going to make sure to save a bit of time each day for a walk or run, and my long run this week will have to wait until Sunday.

Coffee & fruit
Lemony Kale, Green Bean & Quiona Salad
*pre-make Chickpea Ceasar Salad

Coffee & fruit
Run 4
Sushi Lunch with Cari
Chickpea Ceasar Salad

Food TBD

Food TBD

Food TBD

Coffee & fruit
Women & Math
Mediterranean Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

Bananas & PB
Run 10
Szechuan Soba Salad

If you're interested in checking out my juice cleanse, check out my daily recap of the 4 days here (day 1, day 2, day 3, day 4). Overall, I was really pleased with the process. I felt good, the juices tasted great, I gave my belly a break, and pumped my body with green nutrients!

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