Saturday, April 11, 2015

Juice cleanse day 3

Juice Cleanse day 3

Saturday morning: I woke up about 6am, but decided I could use more sleep, so I listened to my audio book (The Prestige, by Christopher Priest) for about half an hour, and went back to sleep until 8:30. Again, when I woke, I was thirsty for water, but not hungry at all. I had drunk some water about 2am. I have a 9 mile run planned for today, so I got up & got ready for that. 

Maybe I should think about adding "Get a haircut" to my list. My pre-run hair was awesome.

Mood good, energy okay- I'm trying to psych myself UP for my run instead of OUT of it! Weight 152.0 down a little from yesterday, this seems normal.

I was definitely struggling with my brain about my run, so I decided to eat a banana before my run. I was really glad I did that, and drank my first juice (Detox Greens) as I headed to the running trail. One of my cyclist friends I met there at mile 3 of my run offered me a granola bar, which I was easily able to turn down. I did struggle a little during mile 8, I just felt really empty all of a sudden. I finished my run (9.33 miles in a little over 2 hours), and felt pretty good!

After my shower, I drank my second juice, and took a few of the dogs to the local Dogfest. I was talking to a gentleman there who said "It's clear that you work out!" and (referring to my Rawxie shirt that said "Stop eating crap") asked if I was a vegetarian. When I told him that I was a vegan, he was impressed, and asked me great questions about veganism.

At 3:30, I headed home, and had my third juice, the Spicy Lemonade, and read for a little while on the couch.  Sweet Greens @5:30, and I was ready for a nap! I had my second Sweet Greens @7:30.

I've thought a lot about food today. Although I haven't been super hungry, I've felt hungry. I have thought about what I want to eat next week. I've thought about my tofu sandwich, I've thought about french fries. Being friends with vegan foodies on Social Media hasn't helped me,  either. Maybe next time I do this, I'll also take a vacation from the internet!

I contemplated, briefly, quitting after today. After all, most juice cleanses are 3 days. But then I read this awesome article about the benefits of a juice cleanse, and felt re-inspired to continue.

I ended the evening again with the Coconut Fusion, and it makes everything worth it. The planners of these schedules must plan for the richest, most soothing drink at night for a reason!

My day was absolutely successful, even (and especially) with that banana this morning. I ran over 9 miles, knocked a few things off my list, didn't have a headache all afternoon, and I feel good about tomorrow. I did get a little "flashing" this afternoon, but I'm sure that's associated with my long run, since the same thing happened last week after 8+ miles. I am glad I opted to do this mostly over a weekend, because I have to pee a lot. At least I can be confident that I am well hydrated.

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