Thursday, March 13, 2014

Half marathon recap, and Plan March 17-23

Happy St. Patrick's day, Happy Spring break, Happy my birthday week!
I will be taking today and Monday totally off, since I ran the half marathon on Saturday! I think I deserve it, do you?

Speaking of the half marathon, I want to tell you how great it was! The race was really well organized, and a ton of fun. I loved the course, except for the hill in mile 6, it was beautiful. They had tons of race support, and music along the way. I got a nasty calf cramp around mile 11, and walked most of 11&12, but still finished in less than my projected time. I actually was able to finish the course in about the same time as I can do it by myself on my flat trail, so I am really pleased with that.
It was dark and chilly Saturday morning, but people started amassing on the mall around 6 am.
With so many people, I'd heard the portapotties were danger, but luckily, I got a VIP POTTY sticker. Were you ever curious what a VIP portapotty looked like?

The toilet paper even had the sponsors name on it.

Mom took my Before picture while we hid from the wind.

Finally, it was time to line up. With 25000 runners, they did a wave start, so I didn't actually start running until after 8 ( the race started at 7:30). It was well handled, and allowed everyone to find their own pace.

I finished in just over 3 hours, while my projected finish time was 3:20, so I was pretty proud of myself.

I gave up alcohol during my last 3-1/2 weeks of training, so that beer at the finish line tasted great!

Anyway, on to my plan. This is my spring break, so I have the week off. I am hoping to get caught up on all my grading, get a pile of letters of recommendation written, read a lot, maybe clean my house. Many of the recipes I'm using this week are from Angela Liddon's new cookbook, Oh She Glows. I'm  taking a couple of days off, but will ease back into training mid week. I have another half coming up in May, and a ten- miler in April to prep for! What do runners do when they're not training? I have no clue...

St. Patrick's day
Green monster smoothie OSG
Leftover tempeh beet salad
Irish seitan porter stew with dumplings and brown bread VM

Upper body Fix
Hike with dogs
Massage (a birthday gift from my friend, Cari!)
Fruit smoothie
Leftover stew
Veggies and hummus
Tempeh Reuben

protein shake
Tofu breakfast sandwich
Tempeh peanut salad
Winesday- life affirming nacho dip OSG

Bike ride? (if the weather improves)
Pb and strawberry smoothie
Breakfast scramble
Tempeh peanut salad
Quick and easy Chana Masala OSG

Happy birthday to me!
Run (3.9 miles sounds like a good goal!)
Bagel and coffee
Muppet movie
Everlasting Life Cafe
Pottery Painting

Total body Cardio
Sandwiches and fruit
Shamrockfest (I'm hoping I will find some vegan goodies on a food truck)

Vegan French toast TVS
Kitchen sink salad (using up leftovers)
TexMex casserole OSG

Did I tell you guys I won my triathlon challenge? It was awesome, I finished out way ahead. It was really fun, too, so you may notice that I am continuing the training. I will do the Gunpowder State Park Triathlon in the fall.

Here are some pictures of food from this past week:
Korean BBQ Tofu bowl with cabbage and asparagus

Veggie wraps, with more asparagus

From Sammy T's in Fredericksburg, VA, a Tempeh Beet salad

Carb- loading the night before the race at District of PI with a vegan cheese, beyond meat, artichoke hearts, and olives. Then we went to Ford's Theatre to see The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee.

After the race, lunch at Stcky Fingers DC.

Cupcakes to share from Sticky Fingers DC.

Dark picture of Roasted Portabello and Quiona with mom and old friends after seeing the Gay Mend Chorus perform Von Trapped (an all-male Sound of Music) at District Chophouse.

My coveted hand pie from Sticky Fingers, in bed with a cup of coffee the day after the race.

OSG Oh She Glows-Angela Liddon's

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