Sunday, January 19, 2014

Plan Jan 20-26

Run 3
Korean BBQ bowl

TVZ Apple Pancakes & tempeh bacon
I didn't get to make this last week!

Run 4
Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Quiona

Choir Rehearsal, so dinner for me will be a Sunshine Bowl
(1 c. warm chickpeas, ~15 cherry tomatoes, halved, 1 avocado cubed, 1 T. vegan pesto)

Run 10+
Curried chickpea salad
I'll likely prepare this as a sandwich with some arugula, as I've some pumpernickel bread in the fridge.

Roasted Tumeric Carrots
I'll sub agave for the honey

Bicycle riding?
Lindsey Shay Nixon (aka the Happy Herbivore) event in DC
TVZ Chilli

Walk or Bicycle
Mashed Potato Enchiladas

So, you'll notice that there is a wider variety of exercise this week. While running is still my main focus (March 14 and the Rock and Roll Half Marathon is getting closer and closer!) I will soon be participating in a triathlon challenge with some of my family members. The running and swimming portions should be doable, since I already run 3+ days a week, and I was planning on swimming anyway with the start of the new semester. Biking, though will be tough to get in. My bicycle, while I love it, is not conducive to ease while riding.  It is my dad's Schwinn from 1980 and has seen many, many miles.

This past Saturday, Rob and I went up to Great Falls and did a Ragnar training run on the trails. It was tough, but fun to climb rocks and duck under branches and all as we ran!

We also took Rob's mom out for lunch at this neat little deli where I spotted a vegan sign last week. The Firehouse Deli in Gaithersburg has an extensive vegan menu. Sorry I flaked on taking pictures of the food, but it was so tasty, it was gone before I remembered!  I got the Vegan Meatball Sub, Rob got the Vegan Corned Beef Ruben, and Paula got the Vegan Turkey Ruben.  I got to sample all three.  Everything tasted slightly familiar- I believe the vegan turkey was lightlife, the meatballs as well.  But I was so pleased to see such an extensive menu.  And, I wore my Vegan sweatshirt, and the lady behind the counter complimented me on it, and said they should sell them there- since they get so many vegans!  Huzzah!  It's the vegan revolution! (The vegolution?  Too much?)

In other news this week, the Spring semester starts on Tuesday, and while it is a little sad to give up my carefree (sleeping in, running later in the day when it's not so cold, lots of time for cooking and reading) lifestyle, part of me is really happy to be on a strict schedule again. 

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