Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Plan Jan 13-19

Run 10
Breakfast for dinner: Apple cider pancakes

Quiche & Butternut Squash soup

Run 4
Fettuccini Alfredo & steamed kale

Citrus baked tofu and twice baked sweet potatoes

Run 2
Mac and cheese (with paprika)

Ragnar training run
Jon's Homemade chili

Broccoli and spinach stuffed pizza
Chocolate Mousse

The recipes this week are from Chris Cooney and Jon Tedd's new book: The Vegan Zombie Cook and Survive. I've been a Vegan Zombie fan for a long time now, and when the announced their kickstarter campaign last year for their cookbook, I was on board. I received their cookbook (autographed!) this last week, and it is beautiful. It begins with a graphic novel story starring Jon and his trusty pup, Indy.
Some of the recipes included in the book are the same as those featured on their fantastic YouTube channel, but that's ok. They are tasty and fun, and generally not difficult. Many of the vegan zombie recipe are substitute recipes (meat/cheese-like). Therefore, they aren't low-fat recipes, but they are all vegan, and all yummy!

Re: the Ragnar, I've wanted to run the Ragnar race in WV for two years now. It is a trail race, wherein  your team of 8 runs 15 miles each in 3-7 mile legs during a 24 hour period. Each year, I've only been able to put together about half a team. This year, I was asked to join the vegan Ragnar team! Hooray! This Saturday, instead of running 10 miles on Friday, I'll do a 90-minute trail run to practice for the Ragnar. It should be tons of fun! Since I missed my normal long run this past week, due to freezing rain, I will do a long run on Monday. Hopefully I'll log enough miles to earn my 15k Resolution Run medal (that's 9.3 miles).

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