Monday, December 2, 2013

Vegan travels in the Midwest.

We traveled out to Nebraska for the Thanksgiving holiday. My parents and brother and his family all live in central Nebraska, while my other brother and his wife live nearby in Kansas. Eating vegan in the Midwest can sometimes be a challenge, but it is always worth it to visit my fam!

We left super early Wednesday morning, and had a layover at the St. Louis airport where I grabbed a breakfast of a bagel with peanut butter.

Then on to Omaha where we met my folks and the rest of the family.
Lunch in Omaha was at the Blue Planet Cafe. Their corn chowder was vegan.


I got the BBQ Tofu wrap, and Rob got the Jerk Tofu bowl.


My Mom got a vegan salad, too!


Mia and Niki both got some mac and cheese- not vegan, but vegetarian!



Niki taught Mia a few things about her phone.

That evening, we made a lovely vegan potato curry at the house.

Thursday, I got everyone out early for a 40 minute fun run, complete with race bibs and medals (a huge hit with my niece!)


We had a Thanksgiving dinner that couldn't be beat. Seitan, maple tofu, kale, bru
Sales sprouts, corn, mashed potatoes, biscuits, stuffing, cherry pie, and a sweet potato parfait, all vegan.

After Thanksgiving dinner, we went out and practiced shooting! (I know- a weird activity for a vegan pacifist!) My brother set up two challenges, one where we did some target shooting with pistols and a battleship game board, and another where we used the shotgun to shoot moving targets (colored blocks of ice flung with a slingshot!)



Friday we went into Lincoln for the UNL Huskers game. They lost, but we still had fun.





There was NO vegan food in the stadium. My daughter wasn't even able to get a slice of cheese pizza.  Sigh....

After the game, we went to La Paz, a local Mexican eatery (I wanted to take the fam to Mellow Mushroom in Haymarket, but it was packed.) At La Paz, I was able to get some vegan guacamole tacos off of the vegetarian menu. The regular salsa had Worcestershire  in it, but our waiter brought us some vegan verde sauce, which was really good and really spicy!

On Saturday, my niece and nephew wanted to show us their favorite location, the Henry Doorly Zoo.  I really enjoyed spending time with Niki, who likes me, and Ryan, who sometimes tolerates me!




Saturday evening, we flew home. Both of our flights were delayed, so we ended up with a 5+ hour layover in the Chicago Midway airport. I was pleased to find a few vegan options, mostly at a food stand called Pegasus on the Fly. There, I got some tasty hummus, and dipped my carrots I'd brought in.

We amused ourselves, though with a Ms. Pac-Man tournament!

And took naps on the concourse. My scarf that my mom brought me from Turkey turned out to also be a nice blanket!

I hope you all had just as nice of a weekend! Thank you for reading!

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