Saturday, December 28, 2013

Plan Dec 30- Jan 5

Monday Dec 30
Rob's pizza

Tuesday Dec 31
Tofu scramble
Chili and nachoes

Wednesday Jan 1
Black eyed peas
Vegan biscuits and gravy

Thursday Jan 2
Run 3
Happy Herbivore black bean burgers

Friday Jan 3
Run 5
Sweet potato, peanut, and white bean BBQ Burger

Saturday Jan 4
Rob's bean soup

Sunday Jan 5
Tofu Mushroom Stroganoff from Isa Does It!

Well, being sick over Christmas really threw me for a loop. As I write this, I'm still not at 100%, but I know I need to get back into my training. I am disappointed I wasn't able to finish my running and squat streaks. 
On the upside, though, Mia has agreed to do a crunch challenge with me this month, so I'll be posting those. And I loved the strength that squats gave my legs, so I will keep those.
The one goal I've been able to stick with these last few weeks of 2013, is reading, I've gotten a lot of that done!

I am hoping, in 2014, to review my cookbooks. Buying vegan cookbooks has become an obsession of sorts, an I have quite a few. I am thinking that I would like to, once or twice a month, cook a few recipes out of a book and share my thoughts with you.

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