Monday, December 9, 2013

Mystery Funlands and Cancelled Races

Sorry I've been lax on posting lately. My world has been very busy with end of the semester, plus end of the quarter, plus holiday hooplah, plus concerts and races, squat challenges, running streaks and the like.
Anyway, here's some pictures of Rob and I from last weekend. We were supposed to run the Christmastowndash 8k, but it was cancelled due to weather. Here's what we did instead:

We braved the crowds at the Yankee Candle factory to see it snow inside.

We went to see the lights at Christmastown.

And the show, and drink some gl├╝hwein.

Finally, we had brunch at Food for Thought Sunday morning (after running in the rain anyway #rwrunstreak!)
I got the tofu scramble and Red Bison (beet and carrot) juice.

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