Sunday, December 29, 2013

Plan Jan 6-12

Run 3
Breakfast for dinner: biscuits, olive gravy, tofu scramble, tempeh maple bacon

Skinny Mac and Cheese

Run 3
Pre semester meetings all day
Dinner is a catered event at the college, but there generally isn't much for me, so I will bring my own hummus.

Mia and I are trying out a vegan friendly pizza place in Virginia!
Skinny Pad Thai

Run 10
Virtual run: Resolution run 15k
Baked potato samosas

Indo Noodle Salad with a Thai Peanut Dressing
We're headed up to Rob's mom, and I'm making dinner for us!

We will have an early dinner from one of my favorite vegan restaurants: Everlasting Life Cafe

Most of the recipies this week are from Lindsay Shay Nixon's new cookbook: Happy Herbivoire Light and Lean. Lindsay is the blogger at, and in addition to having written 4 cookbooks, she also creates weekly meal plans ( and has a YouTube channel.
I really enjoy Lindsay's recipes, I've purchased her meal plans a few times, but I think they are too structured for me, but her cookbooks are fantastic. This book in particular is focused on low calorie meals, and includes a fitness plan. I'll let you know at the end of the week how these recipes turn out!

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