Thursday, August 15, 2013

What I did on my summer vacation

Classes started yesterday, so in my mind, summer is now over.
Here's what I did on my summer vacation, 2013, which was so busy, I am reluctant to call it a vacation!

I passed my comprehensive exams for my PhD program.
I got my dissertation topic approved, and started research.
I taught four summer session math courses.
I wrote a STEM camp course for kids college.
I taught the STEM course, and two sessions of LEGO math for kids.
I ran. A lot. Everywhere. Almost everyday.
I passed the 20 pound mark of weight lost since I started running.
I read books.
I threw a party for my daughter's high school graduation.
I travelled to CO and PA.
I climbed a mountain.
I wove a basket and made a tile mosaic.
I got a massage.
I helped Mia adopt a new cat.
I went white water rafting.
I went to concerts and danced.
I cleaned Rob's office.
I grew two tomatoes.
I made friends with local farmers.
I caught mice.
I laughed, and I cried.
I battled my inner demons.
I walked the entire IHRT. 
I renewed my wedding vows.

This is okay! 

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