Sunday, August 25, 2013

Reading, eating, running plan 8/25

Run 3.5
Mini Winesday 
Vegan paella

Run 2
Cross train
Jerk tofu with spicy cornbread

Run 4.5
Samosas for lunch, vegan book club @ Sticky Fingers cafe for dinner

Run 2
Cross train
Vegan crab cake salad

Run 6
Cilantro ginger tempeh eggplant toss

Labor day weekend
Cross train 
Veggie burger cookout

I'm currently listening to Dress your family in denim and courdory by David Sedaris, and reading Just Kids by Patti Smith, and The Curiosity by Stephen Kiernan. Also reading books by Myra and David Sadker on gender equity for the dissertation, and I have so many books stacked up on my kindle it's crazy...

Classes start in a week, so I'll be in and out of my office getting ready.

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