Saturday, August 3, 2013

Satur-me-day Part II

Woke up, did a little yoga & meditation, and headed out for adventures.

My first stop, the Ecosystem Farm at the the Accokeek Foundation.  

My directions took me to the main entrance of the Accokeek Foundation at Piscataway Park, and I hiked the trails leading around the working Colonial Farm and then over to the Ecosystem farm.  It was a beautiful hike, with some trails right along the Potomac.  Across the water, you could see Mt. Vernon (You know, George Washington's digs).

When I found the Ecosystem Farm, I was really pleased.  It is quite magical over there!  I got to meet Farmer Becky, and Danny not only gave me a tour of the farm, but also promised me a fig tree for our yard!  I'm very excited about this!

The farm is a working organic farm, and I traipsed around getting a little dirty, but having a great time.  Most of their produce is sold through CSA boxes, but extras are sold through their farmer's market, and sometimes is sold through MOM's (where Mia works).  After my tour, I bought all sorts of great looking veggies at the market.  The cantaloupe smells AMAZING and I'm planning on cooking my zucchini and summer squash tonight.  Possibly making a zucchini bread, if I'm so motivated.

I asked Farmer Becky about eggplant (I didn't see any for sale, but Danny had pointed some out to me on my tour), and she picked three especially for me.  Talk about fresh produce!  The heirloom eggplant were beautiful!

Fresh herbs and flowers attracted all sorts of butterflies and buzzing things- I was entranced. And I got some beautiful produce to play with at home.

After my adventure at the farm, I went to Booknuts Used Bookstore for their author signing.  I was particularly interested in the children's book author who wrote a series of books about firefighters, because I have a nephew who really likes trucks.  Shhhh- don't tell him, this is a surprise!

As I was talking to the author, Jim Brewster, I met his family, including his daughter, who was a student of mine at the college a few years ago- talk about small worlds!

I headed up to MOM's to drop some things off to Mia.  When she's working customer service, she's in charge of the samples that are put out during the day.  If she knows I am coming by, she makes a vegan sample.  Today she made roasted peaches with vegan vanilla wafers, very tasty.  

I was starting to get hungry, so I picked up some lunch.  A vegan tuna sub and a kombucha.  The sub was very tasty, maybe a little too much bread, but I'm weird about bread that way.  After I left, I realized the sub might be tough to eat while driving, so I sat in the car and ate while reading.

My last stop of the day was at Target, where I bought supplies for my STEM camp next week.  I was able to get just about everything I needed, AND fit it all in a single container.  

One little boy who was shopping with his mom stood near me in the checkout line, and was pretty entranced with what I bought.

I had to go to a different store for a few things I couldn't find (or forgot) at Target.  At the checkout there, the woman in front of me was buying kid's soap and nail brushes.  She told me that her kids had really dirty hands and nails when they got home from day camp last week.  I looked down at my purchases and had to laugh, because I was buying craft glue and marshmallows.  No wonder!

The two things I couldn't find at either store- marbles and wooden blocks.  What the heck?

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