Monday, June 17, 2013

Best of SOMD

I really dig where I live.  Seriously, it's downright awesome.  Not only do I love my house and the people & critters I share it with, but I really like where we live.  My mom, who recently visited, loves the fact that we have the best of all worlds.  We're close to the city, so we can go in an experience city live and events whenever we want.  We're also close to the water, and a slower lifestyle pace.  I like all of those things, too. But here's a list of some of the best stuff about this area. In no particular order.
  1. Charles County Parks & Trails.  There are so many places to walk & run here, and each trail is beautiful in its own way.  The first year we lived here, I think I walked a different trail each day of the week.
  2. Booknuts Bookstore.  This is our new, locally and independently owned used bookstore.  The couple that owns it is just great and super nice.  John has tracked down a number of books for me now, and charges fair prices, hosts local author events, and is a World Book Night location!
  3. Mexico.  Not to downplay La Tolteca in La Plata, which we love for it's convenience and location, but Mexico Restaurant (formerly a humdrum Mexican steakhouse with lousy food) is a new favorite.  Mostly because we love our waiter, Nestor, and his ORGANIC MARGARITA is heaven.  You'll want two, but you should just drink one if you don't want to call a cab!  They are also super flexible, and are willing to make adjustments to just about anything.  Nestor is so awesome, I can order just about anything from the vegetarian section of the menu "vegan style" and not only does he make sure there's no sneaky cheese, he gets the kitchen to add in things like roasted peppers.
  4. Dr. Mark Hochman, DDS. I've lived a lot of places, and therefore, I've been to a lot of dentists.  I've had some that haven't been too bad, and others I just dreaded.  Dr. Hochman is the first dentist I've ever had who actually makes me look forward to getting my teeth cleaned!  I had a filling fall out shortly after we moved here, and was looking at different dentists in the area.  I chose Dr. Hochman because he had the word Namaste on his web page.  I thought (and later knew) that he was a kindred spirit.  Doc Hoc is the greatest- he's fun to talk to, does a great job with our teeth, has a fantastic staff (my missing filling required a root canal, and both he and his assistant called me later that evening from their personal cell phones to check on me), and isn't overly preachy about flossing and the like!
  5. Sir Pops-a-Lot, Kettle Corn.  The best kettle corn in the world.  Recently, when I went to go get a bag, the lady in front of me asked if there was a way to get less salt, because she had high blood pressure.  Eric made a whole new batch while she was waiting, not only without salt, but he also wiped down all of his equipment so she wouldn't even get a grain in her corn.  Fantastic.
  6. Mid-County Vet Clinic. Dr. Cosenza is old school, and so is this clinic.  You aren't going to find any computer printouts, no immediate access to shot records, which was a change for us, because we had been taking our pets to a VCA (basically, a pet HMO) at our old house.  MCVC is a small office, with furniture from the 70's, and they keep all the pet records handwritten in little envelopes filed away in drawers.  It is worth it, though, because Dr. Cosenza and Helen are just super nice, and really care about the pets.  They also aren't looking to strip you of all of your money by selling you stuff.  Little Jack is often itchy, and rather than prescribing me some crazy meds, Dr. Cosenza suggested we try giving him a Benadryl once in a while, which was perfect.
  7. Quizmaster Z. We enjoy playing bar trivia, and play with a group called TeamTrivia DC.  Mizell (AKA Quizmaster Z) is our favorite host.  He brings a lot to the game, including great eclectic music, and a fun rapport.  Unlike some trivia hosts, who just seem to read from a script, Mizell actually looks things up, and brings more information to the game.  
  8. The College of Southern Maryland. Ok, I would be remiss if I didn't mention that this was also where I work, but honestly, I love this college.  I took classes here many moons ago, started teaching as an adjunct, and then was hired full time.  The campus is gorgeous, and ever-evolving.  There are three main campuses, and some satellite locations, and I really respect and enjoy the people who work there.  The college offers a tremendous amount to the community, from kid's programs, to sports and fine arts, to community education.  Even if I didn't work here, I would want to be associated with this great school.

I may continue to add to this list- I am always finding new great things to enjoy about the world around me!

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