Sunday, May 26, 2013

Unnatural Creatures

Odgen Nash once said "Where there is a monster, there is a miracle."

We love believing in the unbelievable.  Unnatural Creatures, a book of short stories collected by Neil Gaiman, is a lovely book I've recently read.  This book, in part, helps to fund the Museum of Unnatural History, a writing center for school-aged children in DC.  This just happens to be right around the corner from one of my favorite Vegan Bakeries, which is how I stumbled on it.

Neil Gaiman is one of the founders.  His introduction to the book was fantastic.  The collection of stories ranged from old to new, and featured some favorites (including Mr. Gaiman's Sunbird), and some new classics.

Other books recently read & currently reading:

Neil Gaiman's Instructions
Neil Gaiman's Make Good Art
Uwem Akpan's Say you're one of them (I'm hoping to finish this before this weekend, I think my Mom would really enjoy it.  If she's already read it, I'm going to pass it on to my daughter's boyfriend's mom.  That's a mouthful)
Tara French's Faithful Place (has a similar vibe to In the Woods.)

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