Saturday, May 25, 2013

Streaking and other things to do.

Runners World periodically hosts a Running Streak, wherein those who are participating attempt to run every day for the duration of the streak.  The last one I tried was from Thanksgiving to New Years (2012).  It started off well, but then I went out to visit my folks in Nebraska and go skiing in Colorado, and it was bloody cold.  The next streak starts Monday (Memorial Day) and lasts through July 4 (Independence Day).

My Dad used to sing this song, and anytime I think of the word "Streak" it pops in my head.

Anyway, I'll be attempting this one, and I think I'll do better during this time frame than with the weather in December.  This is also a great way for me to jump start my new goal for 2014... I want to run a half marathon. Before I'm 40.  So that gives me about a year and a half to train for and do it.

I've ordered the training program from No Meat Athlete which I'm excited to take a crack at.  In addition to the running schedule, it also gives food recommendations specifically for vegan and vegetarian athletes.  Not meal plans (because really, who can follow those??) but suggestions.  Guidelines.

In preparation for that, I've been attempting a few longer runs each week.  Yesterday I ran 5 miles in 54 minutes, and felt STRONG.  (Today, on the other hand, I ran a little less than 2 miles, and felt yesterday's run!)

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