Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Some pictures for a Tuesday afternoon

Thought I'd share a few pictures with you on this beautiful Tuesday!

Now, I know it's Tuesday, but in my head it's not.  It's Winesday.  Each week, my BFF Annie and I get together and drink a little wine and hang out.  Generally this happens on Wednesdays, but this week I have to attend Honors Convocation tomorrow night, so Winesday has been rescheduled.  Now, Annie and I take turns hosting Winesday, and this week it's my turn.  

Big Bowl of Chopped Veggies:

Very often we have hummus, carrots, and pita chips.  As a vegan, I'm required by law to love hummus, which I do, but I thought we'd try something different this week.

This is a veggie dip I made with soft tofu, veganaise, cilantro, parsley, chives, some black pepper, and lemon juice.

For dessert we'll have some fresh strawberries and a blueberry coconut yogurt dip (vegan) I made with some vanilla coconut yogurt, some blueberry preserves, and a little brown sugar.  Yum.

I'm ready!  We've been on a Cupcake Winery kick lately.  Annie prefers the Chianti, and I love the Malbec.

Annie (and her hubby, Bart) aren't here yet, so I took a step outside to admire my flowers.  These Irises are gorgeous!  

I love that different flowers grow at different times here, the colors are great.  I can take NO responsibility for these beauties, though.  The previous owner of the house planted bulbs all around the yard- it's obvious that they took a lot of care to plant things that would bloom at different times.  This little raised garden is pretty weedy, but it's still beautiful.  I keep telling Rob I'd like to dig up this entire yard and have a huge garden (I'd love to be self-sustaining!) but that would mean I had to dig up these pretty things.

This ivy growing up the side of the house is new this year.  Probably not good for the integrity of the house, but it sure is pretty.  This window is the one in my office that I am now sitting next to at my computer.  I love that hint of pink right outside the window.

The dogs were helping me look at the flowers.  Copper was interested in me being interested in the Irises.

Little Jack wasn't interested in the flowers at all.  He wanted to dig a hole.  He's got one that he and Lily have been working on all year.  Rob keeps telling them "China's a lot further than you think it is!"  Lily didn't come out to look at the flowers.  Our run this morning tired her out, and she is taking a nap on the bed.

Have a beautiful day, friends!

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