Sunday, May 17, 2015

Vegan eating out, Wildwood, NJ

Rob and Copper and I headed up to Wildwood, NJ for the half marathon again this year. We also were celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary!
Like last year, we stopped on the way up in Newark, DE, to eat lunch at The Home Grown Cafe! Yum! This veg friendly place has lots of clearly labeled veg and vegan options! New to this year's menu were cauliflower buffalo "wings"! Wow! They were amazing! We also split an apple bacon seitan walnut wrap! 

While in Wildwood, the first night we ate on the boardwalk. Rob had pizza, and I had fries. Saturday morning, we drove down to Bella Vida cafe in Cape May. Like home grown, it had lots of clearly marked vegan options on the menu. I was super excited about the vegan waffle, which I ate topped with fruit. I also had a side of tempeh, and they were happy not only to provide me with almond milk for my coffee, but even brought over a dish of cool water for Copper.
On the way, I was very happy to see turtle crossing signs! They get me!
After we ate, I walked Copper around a bit, and found a neat house with Om stones on a table, and a sign that encouraged you to take home your favorite!

I was very lax in taking other pictures during the weekend...

But Saturday evening (I ate leftovers for lunch), we went to the Alumni Grill. There were a few vegan options there, but even with a more limited menu, I was still able to find something quite tasty! A black bean panini, called "the Mathlete"! Too perfect! The sauce was not vegan but it was great without.

Sunday morning, I woke super early so that I would have some down time before the race. It was lovely. I enjoyed my coffee, meditated a bit, and prepared myself for the day.

After the race, we once again went to my favorite eatery on the island: the Wild Burrito! Joe, the owner,  is also a runner, and hosts a post race party every year. I was pleased to see that the avocado fries were back, and he's expanded his vegan menu! I had the BBQ seitan burrito, and I can't wish hard enough for Joe to close up shop and move in next door to me so that I could eat his food all  the time!

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