Sunday, February 1, 2015

Plan Feb 2-8

(Awesome image by Chris Piascik)

Oh, man, I love that movie. But that's what this winter is starting to feel like. It is cold out there!

This week, I'm trying out a meal plan by Kathy Patalsky, which she's written in anticipation of her awesome new cookbook release in the spring! Kathy runs the really cool vegan food blog which I am in awe of because she's just great at fooding and pictures and all around clever-ness. Her meal plan features breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks, etc., but I'm only listing what I'm eating for dinners here. If you want her meal plan, you should go ask her.....

Ginger-Soba-Shiitake Wellness Stew

Yoga & swim?
Tuna-Free Chickpea Sandwich & salad

Sweet Potato Veggie Burgers & super greens salad

Yoga & swim
Banana Almond Protein Shake (choir rehearsal night!)

Long Run
Sizzling Rice Stir Fry, Coconut-Curry

Sweet Potato Soup & Biscuits

Love the Run you're with 5k (with Rob, Cari, & Copper!)
Vegan BBQ Protein Pizza

Something I'm really looking forward to with this plan is there are small meals, but many of them. For instance, there's fruit right when you wake up one day, and breakfast later (which I like to think of as second breakfast!) Lunch is smallish, but there's a decent afternoon snack. This is perfect, because I still haven't trained my body how to eat on my new class schedule, where two days a week I teach straight through lunch time, from 12:30-4:30.

I'll also be  tackling her 7-day fitness & wellness challenges this week, since it's been so cold, I've been a little less active than normal lately, and going to add in these bursts to kick myself back into gear.  I'll be posting silly pictures of myself doing these on IG, if you want to play along. It should be a busy week on IG, as I'm also starting some new yoga challenges for February, and Mia's going to be doing yoga this month, too!

Here's a reading challenge Mia and I are doing this year.  First up on the list is "Thank you for Smoking" by Christopher Buckley, a book my brother suggested to me many months ago that I've been meaning to read. And then Neil Gaiman's new book (which should be released this month) will count as my book published this year, although it could technically also count as a book by a favorite author, or a book that is on the best seller list (because I'm sure it will be!!!).....

The only book that's currently on the NYT top 15 fiction list that I've read is The Goldfinch. Rob's currently reading Stephen King's Revival, which I got him for Christmas. I must say "All the Light we cannot See" looks interesting! A genre I don't typically read might be a biography. A book from my childhood, that should be easy!  I think, though, I'm only going to plan them two books out max... I don't want to set the whole list in stone now!

So, I'll need some help from you, dear readers. I read all the books I was supposed to read in High School. And more.  What are your suggestions for me as a book I should have read in High School and a book that "everyone" has read but me?

In other news, I didn't run much this last week. In fact, I didn't run as much in January as I planned to. Darn cold weather. Note I have a question mark next to my run for Monday- if it's raining Monday, I'll swap yoga and running Monday & Tuesday. I did get back into yoga, which is something that can be done INSIDE. But  did get a lot of writing done. I had a phone conference with my mentor, and my Chapters 1-3 are looking great. On and up!

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