Thursday, February 5, 2015

Plan Feb 9 - 15

Last week, I was a kitchen superstar. Seriously, with the help of a meal plan provided by Kathy Patalsky,  I prepped every meal, snack, and smoothie. I felt a little over-the-top, but I packed Rob's breakfasts, lunches, etc. each day with a little love note, and he, in turn, took to leaving me little notes in my lunches! It was pretty awesome.

So, fueled by that success, I drafted an extravagant meal plan for this week. One thing I really liked about last week's plan was that each day, we started with fruit and tea, and had a second breakfast later. This is just my style, perfect for me after running.

Also, I read on one of my facebook groups that Vega-one (which is an older formula) was on sale at TJ Max's and Marshall's, so Rob and I have been looking each time we are near one. We found four tubs at the store near his work, selling for $35 each, when I was normally paying in between $55-60 for them! So I pulled some of their recipies for smoothies for our second breakfasts this week. I've already pre-blended tomorrow's, and it is YUM!

First breakfast: tea & fruit
Second breakfast: Carrot cake smoothie (
Lunch: sunday leftovers
Snack: Roadtrip bars
Dinner: Sweet potato soup & toast

*pre-make rice for Tuesday and carrot cake balls for Thursday

First breakfast: tea & fruit
Second breakfast: Coconut avocado breakfast smoothie (
Lunch: Sweet potato soup
Snack: Apple muffins
Dinner: Buddha bowl- rice, greens, tofu, beets, peanut curry sauce

First breakfast: tea & fruit
Second breakfast: Sweet potato smoothie (
Lunch: Buddha bowl
Snack: Banana & nuts
Dinner: Black rice ramen with sesame garlic ginger scallion sauce (

First breakfast: tea & fruit
Second breakfast: Sneaky green smoothie (
Lunch: Black rice ramen
Snack: Flat white with soy & Carrot cake balls (
Dinner: Chickpea salad melt

First breakfast: bananas, almond butter, and dates
Long Run (10 miles)
Second breakfast: Tumeric spice smoothie (
Lunch: Chickpea salad
Snack: Carrot cake balls
Dinner: vegan mac & cheese

Brunch: vegan french toast, tofu scramble, fresh fruit
Dinner: *French Lentils with Asparagus (from Greens 24/7)?

*Maybe... my week is so structured I've left this one up for more spontaneity! Also, it's Valentines, Rob and I may decide to do something romantic, like get Chinese takeout and watch an awesome indy film on Netflix....

Winery picnic with Bart & Annie: hummus, crackers, vegan snacks!

On a non-food note, here's what I'm currently reading! It's a biography, a style of book I don't generally read, but it is very enjoyable and incredibly inspiring!

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