Wednesday, June 25, 2014

VEGAN EATING OUT Silver Diner, Waldorf, MD

Yesterday,  Mia and I went to the newly opened Silver They'ree e Waldorf, MD.
We've eaten at the Silver Diner before, they have other local locations, but this one is very close to home, and we are very excited. 
I love that TSD has many vegan options, and not only is everything very clearly labeled on the menu, but the staff is also very knowledgeable. Some of the vegan options include soy ice cream,  vegan peso,  pastas,  even their coleslaw is vegan! 
When we arrived,  we talked to Ype Von Hengst, the executive chef, and co-founder. He was really pleasant, and we talked about vegan options in the area. He made some recommendations, and also promised to bring soy milkshakes to TSD in the airport location! 
Mia and I started with the two vegan milkshakes: a soy chai tea milkshake, and a summer berry ginger milkshake.

For lunch, I ordered the Mango veggie stir fry. Yum.

Mia ordered the Portabello pesto pasta. The vegan pesto is amazing. Apparently, their vegan sandwich has this pesto on it, so I will be ordering that next time. It was very good.

Thank you, Silver Diner, for being so vegan friendly! (They're also veg friendly, have clear indicators on their menu for those with gluten sensitivities, and get local, organic ingredients! They also give back to the community.) Well done! I will be back! There are 7 meals on your menu I can't wait to try!

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