Sunday, June 8, 2014

Plan June 9-15

Fiesta bake -EHH

Pick up Mia from airport!

Tofu "crab" cakes & Maryland kale -EHH


Veggie lo mein -EHH

Chickpea tender (EHH) wraps

ROC 5K Race

Father's Day
Backyard grilling out

EHH- Everyday Happy Herbivore

Still dealing with my headaches. I've had an MRI & MRA, and should get the results this week.  Blood tests are normal. Cluster headaches, while more common for men, then women, seems to be the diagnosis. I see my doc again on Friday to try to iron out treatment. I'm becoming better at reading the warning signs, and am able to guess when one is coming on (really watery eyes and excess saliva seem to be indicators) during the day, so my headaches during waking hours are held to 2-5 level. The nighttime ones are tricky though, since I'm asleep, I can't predict them.

My running ban is lifted. Doc says short, slow runs are fine, just to moniter how I'm feeling, run in public, and not too far yet. Good thing, too. I am really feeling it. I need to start training again, even if I have to nap afterwards (which will likely happen). We are signed up for a 5k on Saturday, but Rob & Mia will take it at my pace.

I've been wearing magnetic necklaces,  which I think helps some, although I really don't know yet.

Anyway, I am hoping this will be a great week. I was able to push through some headaches this past week while maintaining humanity, which gives me a ton of hope. I'm very optomisticly hopeful that I will be normal (or, as normal as I get) SOON. 

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