Friday, June 13, 2014

Plan June 16-22

Vegan Chili cheese fries -HH

Orange roasted cauliflower- HH

Portabello steaks- HH

Black bean and corn taquitos -HH

Run 5
Dinner out

Tofu pineapple pepper skewers and taboleh

Twice baked sweet potatoes-TVZ

HH- Happy Herbivore
TVZ- The Vegan Zombie

Headache update: they're still here. I am managing them better, but they're still a problem. Saw my Dr. on Friday and we reviewed my bloodwork, which all looked good (surprise, surprise, my cholesterol is the lowest she'd seen in a patient). So, I get to see a neurologist next week. In the meantime, I've been cleared for running as long as I feel okay (slow and easy). Still no go on getting bumped, so I won't be starting roller derby anytime soon. Also, we will be driving when we travel this summer, not flying.

Dissertation update: I have IRB approval from both Capella and CSM, so next I will be doing a conference call with my committee, and then starting my interviews.

Vegan update: I haven't been blogging much about what I've been eating etc. Hopefully I will get caught up. Eventually.

Running update: the time I haven't spent on the trail has been spent signing up for races. Now officially on the books are:
-Air Force/Navy half marathon
-Baltimore running festival 5k
-Christmas town 8k
-Rock and Roll DC half marathon
-Wilds half marathon

Rob, Mia, Ryan and I did the R.O.C. 5K this Saturday. We took it slow between many of the obstacles, and I walked around the wrecking ball so I wouldn't get hit.

Reading update: been doing quite a bit of that lately, including King's Mr. Mercedes, some research, Saving Ophelia, Lindsey Nixon's latest, Game of Thrones, The tapping solution, and the Calvin and Hobbes Collection.

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