Sunday, May 1, 2016

Plan May 2-8

I've been eating hastily lately. With travel, and evening classes, and hero flights, it is high time for a week of the cleanest, purest foods I know....

It is May 1st. I am very ready for the spring semester to end. The end of the semester gets so hectic! So I took time today to prep, grocery shop, and plan.

Yoga & walk
Breakfast: Blueberry pancakes
Lunch: leftover Pizza Poppers
Dinner: Avocado white bean crostini

Yoga & run (4+)
Breakfast: Pumpkin ONOs
Lunch: Chipotle (Teacher appreciation day! Free tacos for me!)
Dinner: Tijuana Tacos

Yoga & walk
Breakfast: Blueberry Coconut ONOs
Lunch: leftover Tijuana Tacos
Dinner: Green smoothie

Yoga & run (4+)
Breakfast: Pumpkin ONOs
Lunch: Mediterranean Rice
Dinner: Tico Taco Pie

Yoga & run (4+)
Breakfast: Cinnamon vanilla chai ONOs
Lunch: leftover Tico Taco Pie
Dinner: Sweet Potato Curry Noodles

Yoga & run (12)
Breakfast: Breakfast Muffin
Lunch: leftover Sweet potato curry noodles
Dinner: Thai Taquitos

Breakfast: Tofu Sandwich
Lunch: leftover Thai Taquitos
Dinner: Vegan Potato cakes with mushrooms

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