Sunday, May 8, 2016

May 8- A post refusing to be

At first, this wanted to be a post about modern art, and specifically the conceptually-driven work of Robert Irwin.
But that wasn't working.

Then, this wanted to be a sappy bit about the overall lessons my mom taught me...
But that didn't work because I got distracted with my own writing. You see, in reviewing important lessons, I wanted to claim that I could still tell the difference between Poulenc and Ravel. But then I had to test my claim. I think I've still got it.

By then, I realized that I essentially quizzed Mia about more modern music. I'm pretty sure she was the only 5th grader that knew that Ginger Baker was the drummer of Cream. So then I thought about writing about the lessons I gave as a mother.
But that one didn't flow well, either...


Sorry readers!

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