Monday, May 19, 2014

Race recap, Wild Half Marathon 5/18/14

On Sunday, I ran the Wild Half Marathon, in Wildwood, NJ.
It was a beautiful course that ran the length of the island, most of which on the boardwalk.
It was our first trip here, but we had a great time. Rob ran the 8k the same day.
Aroud mile 5, I met this fantastic runner, Val, who happens to live very close to the school where I got my teaching start. We ran together until about mile 10, and had lots of fun chatting and sharing stories.
At mile 10, my stomach started to cramp, so I ducked off to a port-a-potty, and walked for a bit.
I finished in 3:19, about 8 minutes slower than my March half, 
but I'm still pleased with my results.
For this race, I did not train as hard, or eat as mindfully as I did for March, 
but I was still able to finish, and not too poorly.

All in all, we liked Wildwood, and I want to run this again next year. We made a whole weekend of it (I even got a haircut) and enjoyed the town and race support. One of the perks of this race was the amusement park wristbands, so we walked the piers and rode the roller coasters, too!
We took the ferry to DE on the way home and met some fellow vegans on board! 
Life is always an adventure with my Love!

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