Friday, March 6, 2015

Plan March 9-15

Tea or coffee and fruit
Weekend leftovers
Vegan loaded Baked Potatoes (Rob has been wanting potatoes for a few days mow, and today we're going to try a sliced potato recipe he found, but I'd really just like a loaded potato with daiya, vegan sour cream, broccoli, and chives...)

Tea or coffee and fruit
Whipped peanut butter and jelly overnight oatmeal (
Baked potato
Vegan zombie baked sweet potatoes (much like Monday's recipe, but with sweet potatoes! You can see them make this on their youtube channel)

Tea or coffee and fruit
Sweet potato
Hemp seed roasted cauliflower burgers (

Tea or coffee and fruit
Apple walnut chia pudding (
Lunch with Cari?
Choir practice
Veggie burger

Tea or coffee and fruit
Tofu sandwich
Curry (

Tea or coffee and fruit
Lentils and sweet potato  (


You may notice something missing from my plan this week. I'm back on mandated runnng/exercise hiatus, as the pressure in my skull is back. I'm seeing a specialist in DC on Monday, so hopefully he'll have some good news. In the meantime, I'm hoping, weather and brain permitting to get some walks in early in the week, and move back into slow runs at the end of the week. Dr. approval permitting, of course, MOM.

This, unfortunately, means that I have to withdraw from the Rock and Roll Half on Saturday. I'm very sad about this. I know it wasn't going to be a PR, but I love this race. I also spent a boat load of $ to make sure I'd have a VIP Portapotty pass. Because that is important.

Next week starts my spring break, so I will be working on my dissertation and prepping for my birthday! It will be a nice break, especially if it is spring-like!

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