Thursday, August 21, 2014

Plan Aug 25-31

Walk, Run, Abs, Arms
Buddah bowl

Walk, Abs, Yoga
Monster salad

Walk, Run, Abs, Arms
Chickpea tenders

Walk, Abs, Yoga
Rice, veggie & Gardein bowl

Walk, Run, Abs, Arms
Buffalo chickn wrap

Walk, Abs
Dinner Out

Walk, Abs

Some relatively simple recipes this week, since I'll be pretty busy prepping for the start of classes!  I have a lot to do, but can complete everything I need to. So, easy recipes, and again, I'm attempting to deplete our freezer stockpile, which currently is frozen Gardein, Frozen veggies, and frozen fruit. I'll also be enjoying some fruit smoothies for breakfast!

My long run was missed last week, due to a combination of work and weather, so I'm hoping to get in about 12 miles this week. Last week, Cari and I did a Bhangra class, which I will make a regular thing if my schedule allows for it. It was like zumba, with Bollywood music!

I've completed 8 interviews! I'm hoping to get a few more scheduled soon, and if I can get all of my courses looking pretty this week, I hope to submit another draft of chapters 1&2 to my mentor. Right now, the whole thing is weighing in at about 40 pages, which isn't too shabby.

I wanted to read Son, the fourth book in the Giver quartet, but it had been a while since I'd read the first three, so I read all four this past week and enjoyed them. I love dystopian novels, however Son took an almost mystic twist that made me feel differently about the series.  I would have preferred them without it. I'm still listening to It, my commutes this past week have been quite short, so I'm only listening for a short while each day. I was very pleased to recognize a name- Dick Halloran (from the Shining, and Dr. Sleep) makes an appearance in It. When a familiar character pops up from another book, it is like seeing an old friend at the airport. It makes sense, but you never expect it! Today, I am reading Daniel Quinn's Dreamer.

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